00 Prælocutio

Kyle is a multifaceted New York-based graphic designer that has created a lil’ bit of everything over the span of his career. He most often works in brand, digital, and print. Currently, he is senior designer at Columbia Business School. As with his previous site, this intro copy is in the third person because it serves a specific function, but to reiterate: Kyle swears that he is very approachable. Enjoy, xo—k

01 Work

Gay Bars NYC


TEDxColumbia University



Brand Design

Women in Tech Conference


02 Miscellanea

A typographer poster homage to Lady Gaga's track, Babylon. The background looks like iridescent foil
Babylon Poster
Pictures of a booklet, with a strong blue gradient as a defining feature.
JD/MBA Viewbook
Artwork for an elevation installation
On the Rise
A view of three panels, each representing a brochure promoting a different discipline.
Tpda Dance Viewbook
Specimen Book for BC Hitch

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