Tales of Kyle i.e. About Me

I have a couple design origin stories but the internet-ready one would be creating banners for signatures on anime message boards. The only remarkable “thing” I have to show from that time in my life is the smoldering husk the family Compaq computer became when my cracked version of Photoshop went ahead and ruined everything.

In college, a serendipitous internship-related question brought me to the front door of the marketing and comms team, Huckleberry Finn-style. (It was a long road down a big hill in Atlanta heat.) It was there, under the tutelege of the Emory Creative Group, that I learned a lot of the day-to-day of being a designer.

Since then, I have worked on many different types of projects, with clients in industry segments including luxury, education, the arts, and a couple tech startups. My fulltime gig for several years has been the sole in-house designer at Columbia Business School where I have worked on, or consulted on, everything from pens to paint colors, brochures to background colors, photography to full-scale video projects. (I am the esteemed Resident-Background-Actor-in-Residence in most brand videos.) At Columbia, I also had the pleasure of supporting the School’s relocation to the Manhattanville campus. At first I thought that there would be a “script” for such an endeavor. But relocating 3,000 people to two brand new buildings is a lot more chaotic (and exciting!) then it looks.

In my spare time I like film, television, reading, and video games, and going out with friends and family in New York. Unrelated: tell me what your favorite Final Fantasy game is. Never heard of it? Well then! I have a tale for you that begins with a world on the brink of destruction… —k

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