Women’s Business Leadership in Tech

“The word ‘gynocracy’ has recently come to our attention, so we will be using it… a lot.”


In late winter, Columbia Business School in partnership with Vista Equity Partners, hosts the Women's Business Leadership in Tech conference — a conference that I successfully convinced everyone to refer to casually as "Woblit".

The one-day conference brings together a range of speakers with different backgrounds to discuss women's advancement in the tech world — as well as general matters in tech.

This year's conference dealt with the concept of being "ready" — the idea that the tech industry stood at a junction for change, and just needed a little push.

My colleague pitched the idea of using the word "ready" —  a visual reference from the Javascript language that delays executing a script until it is told to execute said script. In the same way, the conference itself aimed to be a galvanizing call to its particpants that the time for activation was now.

White noise was added to the color palette, as though a "signal of change" was breaking through.


The logo is "stamped" repeatedly across the top of most executions — as if being told to do so by a strict, programmatic code.


Multiple day-of materials were made for the conference, including signage and backdrops for the speakers.

© Kyle J. S. Picone
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