“I am forbidding you from touching the logo.”

FIT's UI Design Certificate Program required learning quickly and thoughtful collaboration between myself and six teammates. For the duration of the program, my team worked to redesign one app, assigned to us by our instructor. 

We were assigned Seated — an app that gives users cash-value rewards for dining in-person at their favorite (and soon-to-be favorite) restaurants.


Project Details

Seated is a conceptual redesign of the real Seated app. The work being shown chronicles mine and my team's work towards the completion of FIT's UI Design certificate program.

Designers: Byron Escobar, Christine Chung, DK Lee, Jonathan Shao, Kal Grinberg, and myself. A special shout out to Christine and DK for their outsized contribution to the UI patterns. Instructor: Ray Sison. T.A.: Keith Rangnow.


In addition to redesigning the app's entire look and feel, each individual had to claim a user flow. That single flow would be our territory for the duration of the class: we had to reimagine, redesign, and prototype the flow from the ground up using the art, science, and techniques that were taught to us during class.

My flow was onboarding.

The only thing I really knew about onboarding at the time was that Duolingo does a great job. But this was not Duolingo… this was Seated.

The original user experience and interface was solid; it served a very noble function, which in this case, is to collect a user's login credentials and locations, among others thing.

I decided that this experience could be reimagined and made livelier.

To start, users are given a breezy
 overview on Seated across 
six slides.

A more polished version of the username creation process. I also rewrote the previously opaque text explaining the rewards process.

Finally, users are given a choice to begin a quiz that captures 
their tastes and habits. A four-part questionnaire captures data across four broad, transparent categories.

When the quiz ends, users are re-assured that their answers are used to highlight, not hide, listings in the app.

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