Center on Japanese Economy + Business

Mark commemorating the center's 30th anniversary


Columbia Business School's Center on Japanese Economy and Business (CJEB) is a hub of research and programming centered around the world's third largest economy by GDP. CJEB is the school's first and only center whose focus is dedicated to a single country of study outside the United States. To commemorate 30 years since its founding, CJEB commissioned a mark to celebrate.

Coincidentally, I grew up watching anime and playing video games designed and developed by Japanese studios, so I was excited at the prospect of making a logo for the center.

Although my knowledge of Japanese is so below elementary it's subterranean, I was aware of East Asian seals, and wanted to make a mark that was encircled by a shape of some kind.

Riffing off the geometry of the school's brand type family, I arrived at this solution.

© Kyle J. S. Picone
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